Flame-retardant single-component thick-layer structural coating based on a combination of thermally insulating and intumescent systems

Technical specifications



Application temperature

+5°С and above

Usage temperature

Between -60°С and +60°С

Thickness of the wet (dry) layer after 1 application

2,500 (1,750) microns


1.0 g/cm³

Percent solids


Maximum fire resistance

150 minutes


18 kg

Usage life

25 years

Advantages of «DEKOTERM-KOP»:

  • It can be applied as a fire-retardant structural solution for load-bearing structures with reduced steel thickness of less than 5.8 in fire-resistance level I and II buildings with a fire resistance rating of 90 and 120 minutes, respectively.
  • It ensures a fire resistance level for steel structures of up to 150 minutes (as confirmed by a certificate)
  • Unique coating properties: Up to 2.5-mm-thick wet layer after 1 application
  • Economical coverage rate: 1 mm = 1.2 kg/m

Advantages of DEKOTERM flame retardant coatings

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